#ORCHID #GEMS #eBay Listing Auction Template

Beautify your eBay listings with orchids and gems in this colorful ebay listing auction template. Completely active content free and mobile friendly so all your customers shopping from any device can enjoy your products when viewing your listings.



Seductive Red Fashion #eBay Listing #Auction #Template

Seductive new Template creation. Seduce your customers with this fashionably red eBay Auction Template.

2017 Compliant with NO active content and completely Mobile Friendly.

Now with the option to purchase ALL template graphics for self hosting.

Great listing template for selling women’s clothing, formal dress wear, women’s lingerie.

New info about photobucket.com


I have learned that I am not alone with this mess from photobucket.com

They have changed their policies and prices across the board for everyone. So, anyone that is using photobucket.com just to store your ebay pictures in for your listings will also no longer work unless you purchase their 500 package which is $400 a year and they no longer allow monthly payments.  This has effect anyone on ebay that used photobucket.com, not just me.

I have had no control over their change of terms. I certainly understand everyone’s frustration that has been using photobucket.com for their ebay listings or using my templates. All my templates are now worthless because of them. I am in the process of trying to re-create as many of them as I can and create new ones. As I create the new templates they will also be 100% active content free and completely mobile friendly.

One thing photobucket.com has done is remind many of us that we can not control the future nor bank on our graphic storing to be absolute and 100% lifelong. Just like new technology, it is great and can help make our lives better but it is also just as unpredictable.

I can not control the site where I host my template images no more than anyone else can. I am not using my personal website for storing template images, but there again, I can not guarantee how long that site will remain as it is now.

Because of this all template customers have the option of purchasing the graphics to any template I offer. Thus giving you more control over your template. God forbid I may not be here tomorrow. Again, something we all can not control. So, if the option to purchase the template graphics is not listed in the template listing, do not hesitate to contact me if you choose to purchase them.

You do not have to, you can use the templates as they are I just can not guarantee how long. That no template seller can guarantee.

All templates are down !!! :(

justonemoreanimation’s templates are unuseable due to photobucket.com

I have paid them faithfully for 10 years to maintain constant graphics for all templates. Photobucket has changed their terms and raised their prices. I guess since I was on an older package they took it upon themselves to expire my account so I have to now purchase their Pro 500 package which is $400.00 and with NO more montly payments. So, I have to pay photobucket.com $400.00 to get all my images back up and running.

Needless to say I will NO LONGER use photobucket.com

Unfortunately this has created ALL of my templates useless and no longer working.

Please know that I truly understand the frustration this has caused as well as loss in sales for so many people. I do understand because I have also lost my much loved template business that I worked hard for 10 years to build and had every intention of continuing for another 10 years.

Rest assured that I will not let this beat me. I am currently working hard to try and remake as many of the templates as I can.

All templates will also now be completely mobile friendly and 100% compliant with eBay’s newest changes. So, the templates will have a slightly different look to them.

I am also giving everyone the option to purchase the graphics to every template from justonemoreanimation. This will allow you to host the images yourself and have complete control of your templates.

Hopefully this will never happen again.

Also, all new templates created will be hosted right here in this website so purchasing the template graphics is just an option for you. Just please understand that I can not control what the future holds.

I would like to say to all you ebay sellers out there with so many listings down because of this, I really really and so very sorry for this hell of a mess. I just woke up to it one day as you did and I truly understand your frustration and give my deepest apology as I wish I knew how to have prevented this from happening..

This website will be undergoing a whole lot of changing so please come back soon. I will offer more FREE templates once I get them created.

Now from justonemoreanimation: Get the graphics to your new template to prevent future disasters…

I frequently receive emails from customers telling me their horror stories of how one day they signed onto their computer to go to work on eBay. They go to check one of their listings and their listing is a complete mess. They check other listings and find all or many of their listings are all a mess. Non of the template images are showing so their listing page looks horrible.

Yes, that can cause panic, stress, worry, and much frustration. AND it can cause loss of sale opportunities. Customer view your listing only to find complete chaos. They don’t know what’s going on and it causes them confusion thus leaving your listing page and purchasing from another.

Justonemoreanimation is always here to help the eBay seller. Every template created by justonemoreanimation has the eBay seller in mind. Will the template help increase the sellers sale? Well, not if the template is a complete mess.

How can justonemoreanimation help with this growing problem? Simple, give you the graphics for your new template so you will never have to worry about someone else causing you this chaotic mess.

Use this listing here:  CLICK HERE   to receive all graphics to your auction template from justonemoreaniamtion. Get to the tutorial here:  CLICK HERE

You can purchase all graphics for previously purchased templates as well.

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