eBay’s new changes to your listings & Templates

eBay is doing upcoming changes again to your listings. They are fixing to phase out any flash codes, java codes or other heavy scripts. Html and basic CSS is all that will be allowed. Just so you know all templates from justonemoreanimation are basic html. Some templates do have some very light CSS code, which will not be affected. All templates do have the javascript no right click code. I am unsure yet if this will cause any problems with eBay’s changes. If you get a listing kicked off due to a template from me please contact me right away so I can fix the template for you.

All my templates are created, and always have been with the exception of a handful of trial an errors in the past, pure basic HTML. I will be removing the no right click java code from all future templates to prevent any discrepancies with eBay. Honestly I believe the no right click is becoming obsolete with today’s new technology anyways. There are ways to get around the no right click making it pretty useless anyways.

Rest assure that any template from justonemoreanimation is HTML and will comply with these new changes. As always, never hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions or problems with any of your templates from justonemoreanimation…..


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