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I have learned that I am not alone with this mess from

They have changed their policies and prices across the board for everyone. So, anyone that is using just to store your ebay pictures in for your listings will also no longer work unless you purchase their 500 package which is $400 a year and they no longer allow monthly payments.  This has effect anyone on ebay that used, not just me.

I have had no control over their change of terms. I certainly understand everyone’s frustration that has been using for their ebay listings or using my templates. All my templates are now worthless because of them. I am in the process of trying to re-create as many of them as I can and create new ones. As I create the new templates they will also be 100% active content free and completely mobile friendly.

One thing has done is remind many of us that we can not control the future nor bank on our graphic storing to be absolute and 100% lifelong. Just like new technology, it is great and can help make our lives better but it is also just as unpredictable.

I can not control the site where I host my template images no more than anyone else can. I am not using my personal website for storing template images, but there again, I can not guarantee how long that site will remain as it is now.

Because of this all template customers have the option of purchasing the graphics to any template I offer. Thus giving you more control over your template. God forbid I may not be here tomorrow. Again, something we all can not control. So, if the option to purchase the template graphics is not listed in the template listing, do not hesitate to contact me if you choose to purchase them.

You do not have to, you can use the templates as they are I just can not guarantee how long. That no template seller can guarantee.