About Justonemoreanimation

Welcome to justonemoreanimation’s blog

I started creating auction templates back in 2007. I had accidentally came
across a listing on eBay for an auction template. I was curious and began checking them out more. I was intrigued by them.

At the time I had very little computer skills and was just learning how to sell
some of my excess books and such on eBay. I had no kind of programs on my computer, which was my first computer. I knew nothing about graphics let alone
editing them. I was clueless to html and everything involved in creating an auction template.

But, I wanted to learn it. I began scouring the internet for any information I
could find on them. I even bought one just so I could see what exactly they were. I picked it apart and turned it inside-out. After many many months of reading, reading, reading, and more reading I decided to give it a try.

I created my very first template in eBay. I had no programs at the time and didn’t even know anything about the type of programs I would need. I started
with a new listing in eBay and used the description text area to create my first
template. I had only learned the very very raw basics of how to copy and paste and image code. I managed to take a few animated graphics and put them on a
page.  That was, my first template created. I listed it on eBay and watched it every day. Checked how many views it was getting and if anyone was saving it.
Then, after a few weeks it sold…..

That was all it took.. If I could sell that then I can sell more. I was hooked.

I never stopped doing research on how to create the next one even better. I researched the web hours upon hours a week trying to learn how to write html.
Little by little I was creating a little better template layout. I still to this day wish I had somehow saved that very first template. I still remember what it
looked like and now I say in my mind, how in the hell did it sell?

Little by little I advanced my graphic and html skill. I eventually purchased my
first html editing program. Next came my first little graphic editing program.
That is when the possibilities became endless. Once I had a handful available in
my little eBay store I was finding less and less time to design new templates as
I was having to send out the template orders and I was beginning to get frequent
e-mails with many requests for special order templates. To this day I can not come close to count how many custom templates I have created. Every single one
has been unique, never 2 the same.

To this day I still find little time to just create and design new templates.
But I continue to squeeze time in there to at least create 1 new on a week. I
find such satisfaction and enjoyment out of seeing what I can create. I like to
cut, paste, crop, turn, twist, and just manipulate and image to make it into something totally different.

I have even helped a few other template designers get their little business
started. Although I helped them with the main just of how to create a template,
I can not and will not every give away my little secrets on why my templates are
“different” from all the others on eBay.

Daring to be different……

Interested in an eBay auction template, or have any questions? Feel free to contact me.


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