Fake eBay e-mail, Don’t get scammed !!!!

Just a heads up, if you get an email in your personal email box and it looks like a real eBay email but from user ( 6772sergio ) Please DO NOT click any of the links. Forward it to spoof@ebay.com as it is not a real eBay email, it is a fraudulent one.

A good way to always protect yourself is make sure every email you get from eBay in your personal email box that the exact same email is in your eBay account. eBay will NEVER send you an email to your personal email box without sending it also to your eBay account. Always check.  🙂

Make your eBay listing pictures clickable to make your listing page load faster.

Want to display many pictures in your eBay listing but don’t want your page to take to long to load? Make your pictures clickable so your viewers can click your pictures to see them full size. If your page takes to long to load you are losing money. Most shoppers will not wait for a page to load more than several seconds. Google has tested and tested and can prove people are wanting pages to load within seconds. When the page doesn’t they leave and go to the next and you lose a potential sale.

Learn a simple HTML code to make all your pictures clickable.  CLICK HERE to read the tutorial at the justonemoreanimation.com website.