Customer Feedback

The Template and Birth Certificate’s are beautiful and well done.
Thank You very much!

I am looking forward to listing my reborn baby dolls with your template. There is such a difference when a template is used and your’s is adorable.
Thank you! Pam

Thank you – the new re-sized pics LOOK GREAT!  I still have a few typos to
tweek and aligning my wacky text.. .  but you really save me and the true look of your template !
                        I’ll send my doll forum friends your way !
Sincerely, Kimber

Hi Danita,
Thank you so much. I also use Photobucket. I will give that a try. Its really frustrating when your hard work gets stolen. I’ve already had content stolen on eBay and would hate to have my new template design stolen also. On a side note: I absolutely love your template designs. 🙂
Thanks again and have a great evening.

I’ve been listing this afternoon and am it is so fun to start using them! You have such great templates – I’ve sent alot of fellow sellers to you when they’ve admired my templates 🙂


Hi Danita,

Thank you very much, I have the first listing up and it looks good, thank you for your help, I am very happy!

Regards, Rose


Dear animatemytemplate,
Just wanted to say that you have literally the best auction templates I have seen. I’ve looked all over the internet and yours are by far the most creative. Wonderful work. I was going to buy a few as soon as I decide which three are my fave.

– hollister.oceangirly

Definitely we will be doing business again, and perhaps soon!!!  Fall has…well…fallen in this state, and I need to go out and do a little photography.  I am very, very pleased with the high quality you offer.  I have had other people do templates for me, and to be honest was not satisfied.  With yours, I’m pretty much ecstatic!!!  Keep up the great work!  One question, were you able to do anything with the other image?  I know this one was the last paid for, but money is the simple part as I am sure you would agree with.  Also I am contemplating a website in the future…would you be someone I should consult first???  Again, extremely satisfied with teh high quality, the ease with which I can list, and above all…my customers satisfaction with the templates!  I get compliments…but the work is yours and I am not embarrassed to tell them I do not have that talent at all…you do!!!



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